Born in New York City, played in the loft-jazz scene in the '70s, an instructive force in the progress of America's only original art form, Henry P. is an artist who honors the jazz masters, while recognizing family and community. His music combines African rhythms with jazz and can also freely improvise or create unique renditions of standards.

"Warner, who has been under-recorded and under the radar... backs up the image he presents—bereted, bearded, darkly shaded—with a commanding presence on alto saxophone and clarinet...." Jeff Stockton, All About Jazz, April 2005.

"....suggests how Coltrane might have sounded had he concentrated his energies on alto sax and clarinet ....shows rare command of post-­Hemphill, post-Lake alto sax dynamics...." David Lewis, Cadence, Sept. 2004.

Examples of the music are available on tapes and CDs.

Listen to sample clips from Blu-Nile IV: The Art of The Ensemble
(1:30 each)

Blu-Nile IV: The Art of The Ensemble by Henry P. Warner
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Cover Art by J.A.H.

01 - Art of The Ensemble (7:31)

02 - Some Place Nice (8:20)
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03 - Algiers (4:37)

04 - Blu's for Louis (4:01)

05 - Blu's for Radu (4:26)

06 - Wheatliegh Hall (5:34)

07 - The Kings and Queens of The Nile (7:24)
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08 - Pressenistic (3:07) 
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The band is available for all occasions.

To book an engagement contact:
Akosua (914) 668-7562 / (914) 419-5498